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THE SHOW FanBox 2021.11.01 Announcement

During the initial preparation of the campaign, we had a chance to learn more about Weki Meki and ASTRO, and became fans ourselves. We hope the day comes soon when they can explore the NFT space.
A big shout out to our collaborators SBSMedianet and KStarLive for their immediate response.
In the next few days, we will be revealing the artists who will be joining our fantastic lineup with WEi, woo!ah!, and Kim Jaehwan in the first-ever NFT collection.
For those of you who have been in crypto for a while, we know you are battle-tested for changes and will embrace this change as we work to launch the campaign!
Last but not least, we sincerely apologize to our fans who have patiently waited for Weki Meki and ASTRO's NFTs. Thank you for your patience and we ask for your understanding.
In the meantime, please check our social media channels for any changes, we hope you are just as excited as we are!
Thank you.