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Things to watch out for before Purchasing

Purchasing NFTs on Featured is safe, as you are guaranteed the NFT you have chosen, when a purchase is made on the site.
But when interacting with a decentralized platform, it's advised to do enhanced due diligence to make sure the NFT you're purchasing is an original — before you make the purchase. Below are some suggestions:
  • Check if the creator’s profile is verified
If you see a yellow check mark next to the creator’s name on Featured, it means the artist has been confirmed by us as a verified user.
Keep in mind — the current owner of the NFT can always be different from the creator. That’s because the art may have been sold previously. But, the original creator's name will always be displayed with the NFT alongside the current owner.
  • Make sure you trust the seller
Despite the verification, it’s important to do your own due diligence. Especially because not all creators are verified.
Keep in mind — as an open platform, anyone can mint and sell NFTs on Featured. We’re decentralized and don’t own any NFTs on the platform.
  • Check if they have any public social media channels, a website, or portfolio
A true creator loves to share their portfolio — so check if there are any links about that. If the creator has connected social media to their profile, you can find them under the creator’s profile.
Keep in mind — the more you know about the seller, the more you can trust them.
If you identify any potential NFT fraud while you are on the platform, please click the 'Report it' link below the NFT. To protect our users, we remove the display of inappropriate content on the platform as soon as we have discovered or verified them from users’ reports.