How To Create A Collection

A collection acts like an album where you can organise your NFTs nicer in your profile. You can modify information details in a collection later through its edit function.

To create a collection, first click the [Create] button at the top of the Featured By Binance homepage.

Click on [Create a New Collection] shown below. You can also decide if you want to sell at a fixed price or as an auction.

Next up is adding all the relevant information needed to create the Collection.

Once everything is filled out, click on [Create Collection].

Your wallet will be pop-up for you to [Sign] and [Confirm] the transaction with your wallet, and your collection will be created shortly.

Gas Fee & Other Fees

In order to mint NFT or create a collection, you will need to have BEP-20 BNB in your wallet for gas and other fees (if any), insufficient balance means you are unable to create your NFT collection. As the system can only provide an estimated fee, you are recommended to have at least 50% more in your BNB balance to avoid chance of run out of gas fee (eg. if estimated fee is BNB0.0001, you should have at least BNB0.00015 in your wallet)

Processing time and Avoid Multiple Submission

Create a collection requires communication with the block chain and due to multiple factors, there may be some delay between when you mint, and when the site is fully updated and your Collection is shown as officially created. If you create and it has not appeared after 24 hours, please contact support for assistance.

You may be tempted to press the button multiple times or resubmit the creation of Collection while you are waiting the screen to be refreshed, please avoid this as it may lead to multiple requests being processed. We are unable to grant any refund on fees being charged for multiple processing of transactions.

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