What Information Do I Need Before Creating A Collection?

Before creating a collection, you have to take note of the following:

  • NFTs within the same collection are controlled by the same contract.

  • The NFTs within the collection can be different.

  • You cannot change the collection an NFT is minted in.

Here is how a collection will look once it is created:

If you have decided to create a collection, click the [Create] button at the top of the site, select [Create A Collection], and fill in the details.

  • Collection Name: Once you have decided to create a collection, you need to think of a name for the collection. The name displayed will appear on the collection page and included in the contracts for the NFTs within this collection.

  • Description: This will be displayed alongside your NFTs within the collection and can be changed.

  • Commission Fee: We recommend users to stick with a royalty of 10%, but you are free to toggle how much commission fee you want between 0%-50%.

  • Banner Image: It will be the background image for the entire collection, and will be seen after users click on the collection.

Once everything is filled out, click on [Create Collection].

Sign the transaction with your wallet, and your collection will be created shortly.

Do note: In order to mint or create a collection, you will need to have BEP-20 BNB in your wallet for gas and minting fees, insufficient balance means you are unable to create your NFT collection.

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