How Do I Become Verified?

The check mark badge on Featured is used to indicate that a user’s identity has been confirmed as authentic. To apply for the check mark badge, please read the following steps carefully and complete each step.

1. Connect the crypto wallet that you want to use for verification on Featured by Binance

2. Complete your profile page and make sure it includes the following information. We encourage you to link your social media accounts to the profile to let users know you more and other works you published. The more information we have, the faster the approval process would take:

  • Username

  • Description

  • Email address (official email address)

  • Twitter ID

  • Instagram ID

  • Website URL

2. Submit the google form (You can also find this link next to your Profile name on Profile page)

3. Once we’ve completed the verification process and determined that your account meets our criteria for verification, we will add a badge to your account and will notify you via email

If you update the profile page, your certificate will be removed and your new profile need to be verified through above process.

Below are some tips to facilitate the verification process,

  • Use a unique profile or collection name for a personalized feel on your profile page.

  • Use high quality photos for profile and collection banners to make you look professional on search results.

  • Our vision is to help creators launch NFT assets with strong unique narratives in an innovative way, so TAG US ON SOCIAL MEDIA, and we’ll share if possible!

Keep in mind…

  • If your profile is verified, it will stay verified unless you change anything on your profile. If you change your profile, the profile won’t be verified, and you'll need to reapply.

  • Featured By Binance reserves the right to revoke verification or take down collections/NFTs that violate our Terms Of Service.

  • We won’t verify profile/collection deliberately impersonating someone else or using image-filtered remixes of existing collections from other creators.

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