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How To Connect Torus Wallet

This page contains guidelines on how to download and connect Torus wallet on Featured.
The Torus Wallet is a browser based application that connect with user's Google account.
On Featured homepage, select the yellow button [Connect Wallet] on the top right corner of the page. In the pop-up page "Connect to a Wallet", select [Torus].
Another pop-up window will appear.
Follow the instruction to sign-in to your Google account. If you click on [Continue with Google], the browser will sign in for your automatically if you have already signed in with a Google account on your browser.
If you do not have any existing wallet with Google, you could click onto [enter your email], and input your email address you wish to use. Then select [Continue with Email].
Torus will then send a mail to your mailbox to verify your email account. You will have to go to your mailbox and open the email, click [Confirm my email]. Once you have done this, the system will automatically sign-in for you.
Once you see the Torus' blue icon appear on the bottom left of the screen, that means your Torus wallet is now connected on Featured.