How To Download Binance Chain Extension Wallet

The Binance Chain Wallet is a browser based wallet extension, available on the Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers on your desktop or laptop. Before heading over to Connect Wallet on Featured, you will be required to download the browser extension relevant to your browser. Otherwise, you will get an error while attempting to connect.


The Binance Chain Wallet extension can be found on Binance’s Homepage. From there, please scroll down to the "Download your Crypto Wallet" section and click on your preferred browser.
Follow the instruction to complete the download. For example, if "Chrome" was chosen, you will be bought to the Chrome web store and please click "Add to Chrome" to download the extension.
Then click "Add extension", the system will then download the extension and add it to your browser.
You will be able to find the browser extension on the upper right corner of your browser after its installed successfully.

and Connect the Wallet

Now you can head back over to Featured ( )
At this point it’s best to refresh your browser page. Now, head over to "Connect Wallet" on Featured, and select the "Binance Chain Wallet" option.
If the extension was successfully added to your browser, a pop up (as shown below) will be shown that shows the sign-up page.
You can select either of the following:
  • "Use Existing wallet" if you already have a Binance Chain wallet. To login, you need to have your original seed phrase or tKey login credentials.
  • "Create wallet" if you want to use a new wallet. Choose "Generate seed phrase" and follow the instruction to create your new wallet and login to it. *Note : You will be given a seed phrase, which is a sequence of 12 words or more in a very specific order that gives only you access to the wallet. Remember to store the seed phrase carefully as you will be asked to regurgitate your seed phrase occasionally for security purposes. We will never ask you to give us the seed phrase. Never share your seed phrase with anyone else.
Once login is successful, your wallet will be connected to Featured. If in the event you do not receive this prompt, please refresh the page and then select Connect Wallet followed by Binance Smart Chain. This will prompt a window asking you whether you’d like to connect Featured with your browser Wallet.
Note: If you have a account, you can link it up with the Binance Chain Extension. Open your extension on your browser, and click on the User/Account logo on the top right hand corner. You will see an option to connect to a account.