What Is An NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique piece of data stored on the blockchain (in this case BSC, Binance Smart Chain). This piece of data can represent items like images, videos, audio, or other digital files.
At a glance, people may question the point of buying an NFT when someone can simply right click an image online and download it that way. The key difference with an NFT and an ordinary file online is the UNIQUE proof of ownership that the NFT provides. In a way, an NFT acts as an authentication from the artist that the piece bought is truly sold by them. Thus minting (or creating) an NFT is similar to "printing" a piece of artwork and selling that.
It is worth noting, collectors who buy NFTs own the NFT, but DO NOT own the copyright and reproduction rights. This still belongs to the original artists.
In an ever more digital world, NFTs are a way for artists and collectors to share authentic pieces of work with each other.