1. How to Purchase a FanBox?

  2. I cant Connect Wallet, please help?

  3. There are two 'Buy now' buttons, why?

    • There are 2 ways to purchase the FanBox: Credit card payment (USD) and Crypto payment (BNB). The system will bring you to the payment system of your choice.

  4. I am making a purchase with a credit card but nothing happened after I finished the credit card payment, can you help?

    • Please check the Balance in your crypto wallet connected with FEATURED.

    • If a new BNB balance is credited (~0.04BNB) in your wallet, it means the credit card payment has been completed. In this case, please go back to the buy page and select 'Buy Now' in BNB to continue your purchase.

    • If no BNB has been credited in your wallet, please check with your credit card if the payment is made. If your credit card has been debited, we advise you to contact Simplex support by Chat or Submit a request:

    • Alternatively, please contact FEATURED customer service for assistance (via the yellow bubble on the bottom right corner on our website)

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