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Getting Started

How to get started on Featured by Binance
Featured by Binance is a premier decentralized NFT platform, empowered by Binance Smart Chain. We provide a non-custodial, on-chain platform to facilitate the full lifecycle of NFTs for creators, brands, and their fans.
​​The platform runs on Binance Smart Chain and enables the minting, marketing, distribution, and secondary trading of NFTs. Let's see how to get started on Featured by Binance.

1. Connect your wallet

First you need to connect your wallet. Click the [Connect Wallet] button and a pop-up will display with multiple wallet options to connect to.
Connecting a wallet is crucial to interacting with Featured, as your cryptocurrency and NFTs are stored on the blockchain and accessible via your wallet.
We have integrated Torus, Metamask, Trust Wallet, and our very own Binance Smart Chain Extension Wallet, providing you with different options. You can interact with the blockchain by purchasing BNB and placing it in your wallet.
If you don’t have a wallet yet, we encourage you to download the Binance Chain Wallet extension. This can be found on the Binance Chain Ecosystem Homepage and added to your browser.
Next head back to Featured and click the [Binance Chain Wallet] option.
Click [Create wallet] and select your preferred method. Please note: Keeping your private keys and seed phrases safe is of paramount importance. If they are stolen or lost, your assets cannot be recovered.
Note down your unique seed phrase, and confirm it by typing the correct word in each position. Once successful, you will be prompted to connect to Featured.
Next, you need to buy some BNB. Click [Buy BNB] to do this.
You can also transfer crypto from your custodial wallet if you have funds in Binance’s exchange. Please make sure to select a supported network. In this case you need to choose BSC BEP20.

2. Set up your profile

Go to the top right corner of the web page and click on [Profile].
Click [Complete Profile] and enter your details.
Follow the instructions to update your information, so that other creators and collectors can contact you easily.
After completing your profile, you’re now ready to start using Featured and begin minting, trading, and browsing NFTs.
Explore Featured by Binance, powered by the world's largest infrastructure provider! Buy, mint or sell your NFT today!