Mint and Sell NFT

How to Mint and Sell My First NFT on Featured by Binance

Minting, listing, selling, and displaying your NFTs to the rest of the world is Featured by Binance’s primary goal. We’re here to make it as simple as possible for you.

How to mint my NFT?

Before getting started, make sure you’ve already connected your wallet to Featured by Binance and deposited enough cryptocurrency (BNB) in it.

click the [Create] button at the top of the website. You’ll now see the option to Create a New Collection or Mint an NFT.

Minting an NFT transforms your digital artwork into a secure, unmodifiable part of Binance Smart Chain. This renders it tamper-proof. It can then be bought and sold on Featured.

If you’re making an NFT for the first time on Featured, click the [Mint an NFT] option.

You’ll now see the options for creating and customizing your NFT:

1. Upload the file you want to transform into an NFT in image/video/audio formats.

2. Fill in the required details for the NFT you are creating. A detailed description of your artwork will help you in your efforts to sell.

3. You’ll also notice the “Collections” option, which allows you to group your NFT into a Collection. By default, your NFTs are automatically added to the Community Collection. Anyone browsing Featured will then be able to view your NFT.

If you already have multiple Collections, you can easily add your NFT to the Collection of your choice.

The Royalty section allows NFT creators to earn a specified percentage of an NFT’s subsequent sale price. This value is hardcoded into the NFT, so no subsequent buyer or seller can tamper with it.

You can now proceed to Mint your NFT by clicking [Mint NFT].

4. Note that Featured will prompt you to authorize the transaction with your connected wallet before the NFT is minted. There is also a gas fee you’ll need to pay when minting your NFT.

The gas fee is required to compensate for the energy and computing power needed to process and validate transactions on the network.

Once you’re ready, click [Confirm] to finish creating your NFT.

Congratulations. You’ve now successfully minted your first NFT!

How to sell my NFT?

With your NFT successfully minted, click on [My NFTs] and select the NFT you would like to sell. Next, click [Sell].

If you would like to sell your NFT for a specific price, select [Fixed Price] as the sale type. Enter the BNB price you want to sell the NFT for.

Alternatively, select [Auction] as the sale type and enter the minimum BNB bidding price and the auction’s duration.

Finally, click [List NFT for Sale], and sign the transactions with your Binance Smart Chain supporting wallet.

Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, your NFT will be listed and active for sale!

You’re now ready to start minting and selling NFTs on Featured by Binance

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