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"Featured by Binance'' is a new NFT platform incubated by Binance X, the innovation arm of Binance. Our vision is to provide a non-custodial, on-chain platform to facilitate the full lifecycle of NFTs for creators, brands, and their fans.

We believe NFTs are part of a bigger behavioral shift, and our platform would like to be a factor in how this plays out. In addition, we believe that the next evolution of digital goods will be on the blockchain, and NFTs are the first step towards that transformation.

Why is blockchain a good platform for digital goods?

They are several unique properties of the blockchain that make it a better platform for digital goods.

  1. Direct-to-Fan Relationships via Trustlessness

    Blockchains enable peer-to-peer transactions via smart contracts without any trusted intermediaries. By minting NFTs on the blockchain, creators are establishing a direct relationship with their fans free of any platform risks.

  2. Global Reach via Open Accessibility

    Blockchains are public infrastructures that are universally accessible. Everyone, regardless of where you're located or who you are, interacts with NFT contracts in the same way, unfettered by proprietary platforms and restrictions.

  3. Permanence via Immutability

    NFTs, once minted on the blockchain, cannot be altered. This confers a strong sense of ownership and permanence, which is especially important in the gaming and the collectibles space.

  4. Rapid Innovation via Open Standards

    NFTs are based on open standards (ERC/BEP-721, ERC/BEP-1155, etc.). Standards give rise to network effects, interoperability, and composability, the exact reasons why DeFi (and the internet, for that matter) is such a disruptive force. We believe this will unlock a lot of exciting innovations in digital goods.

There are a lot of things to do on our platform already. As an NFT collector, you can visit this page to view the different NFTs on our platform: http://featured.market/browse.

As an NFT creator, you can visit this link to start minting your NFTs: http://featured.market/create to our community collection or create your own collections. You can put up your own NFTs for sale and you can purchase NFTs from other users as well as some exclusive collections from our partners.

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