Creator Spotlight with artist Andrea Shkreli

Cover image by Andrea Shkreli

Andrea, can you tell us about your background? How did you get into art?

I was born in Tirana, Albania, grew up and studied in Thessaloniki, Greece, and for the last few years I've been living in Belgium, finishing my degree in photography at the Academy of Art.
In 2004 I had an accident that stuck me in a room for two years. While I was there, I had unlimited time to think about situations and values. After a challenging period I learned to walk again with new insights in my life, and going out after a while the need to capture images and moments grew strong — something I didn't do before the accident.
Going through that experience brought me closer to art and the meaning of photography. And from the first time I held a camera in my hands I realised there's something deeper within just pushing a button on a camera. It was then when I decided to pursue studying photography and develop my knowledge of art.

Talk us through your art and the inspiration behind it. What do you focus on?

I deal with creative and street photography. And I don't necessarily stay in the traditional forms of photography. In some ways I also engage in print photography or the process of photography with the intention of better shaping the visual form in relation to my idea and giving the work uniqueness. Art for me is the corridor to the Truth — the personal truth of the artist. The Art (regardless of the means of expression) of an artist doesn't stop when the work ends, but rather is finalized when it reaches the eyes of the viewer.
The nature of the medium I use, photography, has to do with elements that surround us in the real world and are directly related to our experience. So in the compositions that I create, I choose to include the necessary elements in order to succeed in a dialogue between them, thus composing my story, my point of view, my questions, my concerns.
For example, one of my latest works called "A window into the world", which I am gradually uploading to the marketplace, consists of images from a multi-exposure film capturing computer screens and televisions. From the multiple exposures, and the process by which the photosensitive surface of the film receives light, it’s interesting how a visual information through light changes or distorts an existing recorded information into a latent form, proposing a new visual narrative with unexpected dialogues, beyond expectations. Images, with which the development of the negatives, came to the surface quite some time later. This work is a personal search and observation of the images I received — in this transitional period of my life — from the media, what we call this common good, and which for me was a window to the world.
Through the art of photography I try to enjoy the cheer of the creative process, the mental journeys I make, and the dialogues within me. I want my images to give the viewer the joy of thinking and traveling through them.
Image by Andrea Shkreli
Image by Andrea Shkreli
Image by Andrea Shkreli

How did you first learn about NFTs?

I learned about Blockchain 2-3 years ago and saw the unlimited possibilities that it brings. And that's also how I learned about the exciting world of NFTs that will bring something even bigger.
While learning about the world of crypto I couldn't avoid the presence of Binance. I found it's an easy way in which you can do and learn many things. And FEATURED by Binance enabled me to mint my artwork easily with low fees. I chose to mint my work on FEATURED because it's one of the largest platforms in this field, and it supports several art forms.

What are some NFT collections that are exciting to you?

With the creation and spread of NFTs, the number of users to create NFTs skyrocketed. Through this large number of creations, distinguishing the NFTs which show that they have a point of view, thought, or a character, and the ones that give me a sense of emotion, tempt me to get them.

Any plans in the future around NFTs?

I want to continue developing another project distinctly with the idea of turning it into an NFT. I’m aiming to shape my next steps by following the evolution of the Blockchain which is flowing at a fast pace.

Check out the video below to put a name to the face and meet Andrea Shkreli. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and check out his artwork on FEATURED.