How to Promote Your NFTs

In order to attract more buyers to buy your NFT, you need to make sure that your NFTs are unique pieces of digital art that cannot be found anywhere else. That would depend on your own niche, style and personality to develop one-of-a-kind NFT artworks which collectors and investors appreciate.
Another thing to look out for are the price history, popularity, and current trends to get an idea of NFTs that are in demand. Art that is on-trend or artists who are on-trend tend to attract more buyers and their artwork is sold out extremely quickly.
Unless you are aware of multiple interests to your NFT, you might want to consider making only 1 copy of your unique digital artwork. Doing so would make the NFT limited edition. That makes your NFT rare and unique, which may attract potential buyers who appreciate the art and are intrigued by the scarcity of it. Who knows, you might just be the next Beeple!
Here are 7 more tips if you want to become a successful NFT artist and potentially fetch potentially a high amount from your artwork:

Actively engage with and promote your NFTs on Social Media like Instagram and Twitter

Twitter is an active platform where NFT enthusiasts thrive and interact with each other. Not only can you promote your NFTs, you can also share links on Twitter, making it the go-to platform for spreading awareness about your artwork and boosting sales potential.

Build a niche audience (or community) and engage with them

As a content creator, it is important to keep your audience engaged. By actively engaging with your audience who appreciates your artwork, you are setting yourself up with a niche community and potential buyers who love your work and even spread the word about your artwork and your brand as a NFT creator.

Use the right hashtags!

When you use Social Media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, it is important to take advantage of hashtags to broaden your reach. Hashtags are the best way to widen your circle of followers by using the right hashtags. This will increase your chances of becoming part of a scene and being seen by collectors and other artists.

Share stories and creative processes of how you came up with your NFT idea and engage them with your community

What does your artwork represent? What story does it tell? Why is this artwork created? These are questions that buyers or collectors have in mind before they decide to purchase your NFT. Aside from creating jaw-dropping and eye-popping artworks, share some of your thoughts and inspirations behind them. Potential buyers appreciate the stories and how the inspiration for the artwork occurred. It also helps generate interest if your artwork reaches mainstream media and attracts even more buyers.

Seek out for NFT collectors online

If you are just starting out, you can also try seeking for NFT collectors online. A good place to start would be Twitter, where many NFT collectors lurk and they might just turn out to be your next buyer. Another way would be to contact previous buyers of your work or potential buyers who gave a try in your auctions.


Team work makes the dream work. Both in the celebrity and amateur creator space, there is a growing trend of collaboration between artists. Seeking for collaboration not only increases your outreach, it also expands your network and more potential buyers if you manage to collaborate with someone popular.

Be consistent and create your own brand

Staying true to yourself as an artist can be difficult in these trying times of the pandemic. It may be tempting to create artworks which appeal to the masses based on current trends but you can easily lose your sense of meaning as a creator in the long run. Focus on producing art with your own personality and stay consistent with your work. Eventually, the uniqueness of your work might just be the best branding and recognition you need.