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How To Create an NFT And What Is Minting

Minting, listing, selling and exposing your NFT’s to the rest of the world is the primary goal of our platform. We’re here to make it as simple as possible.
Simply click on the Create button on the top of the website. This will lead you to a page where you have the option to Create a Collection or Mint an NFT.
If you are creating an NFT on Featured, click on the [Mint an NFT] option.
Minting an NFT transforms your digital artwork into a secure, unmodifiable part of the Binance Smart Chain. This renders it tamper-proof. It can then be bought and sold on Featured.
You will now have the option to create and customize your NFT. You can now upload the image/video/audio/gif that you want to transform into an NFT.
Fill in the required details for the NFT you are creating. A good story to describe your artwork will help you in your effort to sell. Do note that it is not necessary to sell your NFT.
When filling out the details, you may notice the option called Collections. This gives you the opportunity to group your NFTs together, just like folders, albums or galleries. By default, your NFT’s are automatically added to the Community Collection, which is a public Collection. If you have any Collection, you can add the NFT to your chosen Collection.
The Royalty section gives you, the original NFT creator, an opportunity to earn a specified percentage of the NFT price for any subsequent sale of the NFT item. Please see this page for more details of How Royalties Works.
Like any other details about the NFT, this value is hardcoded into the NFT, so no subsequent buyer and seller can tamper with it.
You can now proceed to Mint your NFT. Click [Mint NFT] button to submit it.
Do note that Featured will prompt you to authorize the transaction using your connected wallet before the NFT is minted. There is a gas fee while minting your NFT. A gas fee is basically a payment required to compensate for the energy and computing requirements to process and validate transactions on the network.
Please note the fee is just estimated here, you are recommended to have a BNB balance in your wallet of at least 50% more than the estimated fee to ensure the transaction can be completed without run out of gas fee.
Once you are ready, click on [Confirm] to mint your NFT. Featured will now do the processing behind the scenes.
Congratulations. You just Minted your first NFT!
Once the NFT is minted successfully, you will be able to view them in the [My NFTs] tab at the top right corner as shown below.
Note: Minting is a separate step from listing. To list your NFT for sale, please view this guide.
Processing Time and Avoid Multiple Submissions
Minting requires communication with the block chain and due to multiple factors, there may be some delay between when you mint, and when the site is fully updated and your NFT is shown as officially minted. If you mint and it has not appeared after 24 hours, please contact support for assistance.
You may be tempted to press the button multiple times or resubmit the creation of NFT while you are waiting the screen to be refreshed, please avoid this as it may lead to multiple requests being processed. We are unable to grant any refund on fees being charged for multiple processing of transactions.